Complaints Procedure for the Hepatitis C Resource Centre Te Waipounamu 2013


The Hepatitis C Resource Centre Te Waipounamu provides services on behalf of the Hepatitis C Trust Te Waipounamu and welcomes all complaints, compliments and suggestions from all consumers. We also welcome constructive criticism and positive suggestions. It gives us, as a “Peer Organisation” an opportunity to improve our services of providing quality viral hepatitis C information, education, advocacy, support and understanding, for those people living with and/or is potentially affected by viral hepatitis C (HCV).

Complaints, compliments and suggestions

We have an explicit procedure for dealing with consumer dissatisfaction and complaints in a fair and timely manner which complies with consumer rights legislation and relevant codes;

What is a Complaint?

A complaint can be made about any service provided, or about any staff member employed by the Hepatitis C Resource Centre Te Waipounamu here in Otautahi and the Hepatitis C Resource Centre in Otago. The Trust also accepts complaints about any services provided by the Maori Health Promoter.

A complaint is when you tell us you are not happy about the service we provide. It can be about anything and could include;

  • When we do not deliver a service on time
  • Poor quality service
  • Unprofessional behaviour
  • Issues with any staff member
  • Cultural insensitivity
  • Dissatisfaction with person or delivery of information
  • When we give the wrong information

Who can make a Complaint and our Commitment to Consumers

Any expressed concern or complaint received will be given the utmost attention. However, we invite and encourage you to try and resolve any concerns or issues with the person concerned. Often issues or concerns can be resolved straight away.

Under the Treaty of Waitangi and the Ottawa Charter, cultural concerns and complaints are treated with sensitivity and that an appropriate person, who shall possess an impartial view, be made available or engaged to hear all concerns. We aim to ensure that;

  • Making a complaint is as easy as possible
  • Any cultural issues will be heard and seen to by a cultural advisor
  • All complaints are dealt with in a timely and prompt manner
  • All complaints are reviewed to help improve our services

Making a complaint

You can lodge your complaint by any of the following ways:

  • Through our website: Contact Us
  • In person at one of our offices:
    • 301 Tuam Street, Christchurch
    • Level 2, 2 Dowling St , Dunedin
  • In writing to:
    • The Manager
    • c/o Hepatitis C Resource Centre 
    • PO Box 10 354 
    • Christchurch
  • By phone: 
    • Manager: Bill Jang
    • Office: (03) 366 3608
    • Mobile: 027 436 6066
    • Free phone: 0800 224 372
  • By email:
    • Attention to: Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3 easy steps to lodge your Complaint


If possible, discuss your dissatisfaction with the staff member most closely involved, stating clearly what you feel has been done badly and how this has affected you, and what you would like to see happen to resolve the issue.


If you are still not happy ask to speak with the Manager. If the Manager is unavailable ask the staff member for a complaints form that you can fill out to be delivered to the Manager for their action.


If you wish to speak to the Maori Health Promoter you can contact him on the above details.

You can be assured that your complaint will be fully investigated and that you will have a response to your complaint within 7 days. If you are still not satisfied that the complaint has been appropriately dealt with, you will be given the contact details of the Chairperson of the Trust, or (A Board member with delegated authority to act on behalf of the Trust) and you can take your complaint to them for their consideration.

If we are not able to come to an acceptable resolution you may wish to take your complaint to an independent agency for assistance i.e.